Create your own perfection…

With distinctive, solid timber furniture, decor & giftware, hand-crafted in Western Australia by Arcadian Concepts

Specialising in Jarrah and Marri and other Australian hardwoods, at Arcadian Concepts, we create custom solid timber furniture which breaks free from generic, mass produced furniture. Imagine having a unique piece of timber furniture in your home or workplace that is not only functional, but provides a talking point for visitors, and an heirloom to pass down through the generations.  Choose from wooden bookshelves, Marri chairs and bar stools or a Marri coffee table to become the stand out pieces in your home.

What’s more, each piece of Arcadian Concepts timber furniture you own, provides exceptional value for money and a sense of satisfaction in knowing that it was produced with distinctive, quality materials, first class workmanship and respect for the environment right here in Perth WA.

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We individually custom design and manufacture each piece of timber furniture and hand-pick the timber ourselves. Our Marri furniture and Jarrah furniture is completely handcrafted.  Most of the timber we use is recycled, or acquired from sustainable sources. This adds an element of sentiment to our work. We often use old shearing shed timber and the like to produce new pieces of timber furniture, and instead of wasting our Marri and Jarrah furniture off-cuts, we turn them into a range of gifts and home wares which are available to buy online.   Some of our favourites include our commercial Jarrah chopping boards and cheese boards.  Each piece is created using traditional methods, by true craftsmen, right here in Pinjarra, just south of Perth WA! All of our timber is locally sourced!

In 2013, Arcadian Concept had the privileged opportunity of purchasing ARTRA Furniture, an iconic Perth furniture brand. Through Arcadian Concepts, ARTRA Furniture will maintain its own unique brand, style, quality and history which was founded and built up by Karl in 1968. Click on the ARTRA Furniture tab above to view this amazing furniture.