About our furniture…

Arcadian Concepts bespoke furniture will always be unique. We love what we do, and this is evident in each piece we create.

Most of our custom furniture over the years has been produced from the classic Western Australian hardwoods of Jarrah and Marri unique to our beautiful region south of Perth. These timbers are classic, timeless and continually captivating. We also specialise in slab tops for various furniture pieces. This adds another dimension and really emphasises the natural beauty of your piece.

Being creative is what we love to do more than anything. At Arcadian Concepts we are constantly looking at ways we can transform a piece of solid timber into a work of art. If you have your own ideas we would love to hear them and combined with our own experience and knowledge we will create that special piece of custom furniture that means more to you because it is exactly how you want it. If you have your own timber from an old house or structure or even slabs from a fallen tree on your property, as long as this timber is of good quality, we would be glad to incorporate this into your custom design.