Our Story

Established in 2000, Arcadian Concepts originally began in the Eastern Hills of Perth under the name of Mahogany Creek Timber craft. Master Craftsman Bernie Drag, and his wife Jane, started out making original pieces of hand-crafted furniture from hand-picked and locally sourced Jarrah, Marri, Wandoo and similar hardwoods.

As time went by an ‘Arcadian’ seed was sown, and the business re-located to Narembeen, not far from where their daughter’s family was located.

As the Arcadian seed grew, the rest of the Drag family decided to join Arcadian Concepts and discover their own place of rural bliss.

So Bernie and Jane’s son Tim and his wife Lisa and their two young children relocated from Adelaide to country Narembeen, Western Australia.

This idea of Arcadian – a simple and natural tranquillity – is the basis of our furniture designs and concepts.

Bernie’s son Tim is a mechanical Engineer with a background in Manufacturing and Management, and took on the task of learning the crucial traditional skills of timber craft from his Dad while adding refreshing new concepts and designs. Check out the gorgeous ‘Arcadia Riverstone Table’ design!

Tim will look after you with any enquiry you may have. The benefit of personally manufacturing each piece of furniture means that Tim can liaise with you every step of the way until you have the perfect creation in the exact size, design and finish you require. Call Arcadian for a quote today, obligation free on 0488 441 910 or email info@arcadianconcepts.com.au.

Now well established in Pinjarra, Arcadian services Perth and the Mandurah region as well as greater WA and Australia.