Tasmanian Oak Natural edge Dining Table

Posted by Arcadian

A stunningly clean and beautiful custom made Tasmanian Oak Dining table. 3 metres in length and 1.1metres wide. Simple and elegant and can be complimented by many different dining chairs designs.

Tasmanian Oak Dining Table

Posted by Arcadian

A 3 metre x 1.1 metre custom made solid Tasmanian Oak dining table with a Scandinavian inspired design. This design can also be made in Jarrah or Marri.  

ARTRA Bookcases

Posted by adminsh

Artra Bookcases are simple and attractive by design. Custom bookcases can be built to suit any clients requirements while still showcasing the well know Artra styles of Federation and Charles. Drawers, and cupboards can be built in and shelving can be fixed, adjustable or a combination of both. Bookcases are available in Jarrah, Marri or other […]

Tasmanian Oak ARTRA Bookcase

Posted by Arcadian

Now that Arcadian Concepts are the proud owners of the Artra range of furniture, we were wrapped to build this solid Tasmanian Oak bookcase for a loyal Artra client. The style is Federation with handgrip drawer fronts.