Timber Sourcing

Arcadian Concepts is committed to ensuring that all the timber used in our products has been sourced with the least possible damage to the natural environment. Given our business we feel a strong sense of responsibilty towards the old growth forests of Western Australia, Australia and the world for that matter. The role our forests play in providing habitats for plants and animals, helping to combat climate change by absorbing carbon to name a couple is critical and irreplaceable in our planets ecosystem.

At Arcadian Concepts we strive to ensure that our timber is sustainably sourced. The slabs we use come from naturally fallen trees, trees that have been cleared for construction or land developement purposes and most importantly have been obtained legally .

We also do not like wasting our precious timber. Where some will discard timber due to large sap veins, imperfections or cracks. With the use of special resins and glues, we fill in and stabilise these timbers to create something extra special and with breath taking character.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide supply chain assurance that all the timber we use has been obtained legally and in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that the best way of achieving this is by being chain of custody certified through the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia. The FSC is represented in as many as 50 countries around the world and we believe it can provide the best possible standards for responsible forest practice. This means that you can have full assurance that the timber used in your furniture is obtained both legally and sustainably.